• Nathan Hillis

Cabinet Painting in Ada, Michigan

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

💥 Extreme Makeover: Oak Cabinet Painting by hillisbrothers.com 💥

This kitchen was stuck in the 90's and was looking to get updated. First the original wallpaper was taken down. Walls were damaged underneath and needed repairs. Then we worked on the cabinets. A key step after cleaning the cabinets is to use a good oil based primer for adhesion. After sanding between coats and caulking to fill gaps, an acrylic non-yellowing cabinet paint is applied. Since these cabinets are oak, the first coat is worked into the grain of the wood to fill the cracks. Note that new updated handles were installed. Cabinet painting project takes a week to complete.


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Sherwin Williams

SW 7005

Pure White

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Sherwin Williams

SW 7654


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