• Nathan Hillis

Log Home Caulking and Restoring

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Log Home Restoration 😎🌲☀️ Would you ever give up your current house to live in a Log Home? Log homes are beautiful, but come with their own set of items you need to do to maintain their beauty. 1) In preparation for this job we spent a good amount of time washing down the surfaces to be stained. Treating for mildew and having a clean surface are important. If the log is not Remecompletely clean, areas of dirt and mildew will show through. 2) You will need to take care of any of the large gaps between the logs by caulking them with a colored caulk. In this case we used a cedar color. 3) All windows and items not to be stained will need to be covered. 4) Finally a nice oil based stain/sealer to help protect the logs. Remember to back brush back into the wood! 😎👍