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Allendale, Michigan


Are you looking for a residential or commercial painter in Allendale? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Hillis Brothers Painting has helped clients in Allendale, Ottawa County, and Southwest Michigan’s lakefront for a little over two decades.


Whether you’re looking for an interior painter for your kitchen, an exterior painter for your home or barn, or a commercial painter to update your business, we can help.

Your West Michigan Painting Contractors

We pride ourselves on providing the best painting service in all of West Michigan. If are 5-star ratings are any indication, we have earned the name of the most trusted interior and exterior painters in West Michigan.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is not easy.


Because of this fact, we’ve honed in on our painting process to assure our clients get exactly what they’re looking for every time.


Here’s our process:

  • Free Estimate: where one of our founders will come out to your home to inspect what the project will look like, give you a price, and start the process.

  • Select Your Color: This can be difficult, we know. Lucky for you, we employ someone who’s job is to help you make this easier. There is an endless amount of color and shades. You can also look through our curated selection of our favorite paint colors.

  • Prep The Area: When we start the project, we don’t just start painting. We take special care into covering the entire area and move all furniture and items so nothing gets damaged.

  • Prep The Walls: After prepping the area, we’ll need to prep the walls by smoothening the surface.

  • Start Painting: Finally, we’re ready to let our experienced painters apply your top-quality choice of paint. This is the most fun part of the project, but because of our efficiency, it doesn’t last very long.

  • Clean-Up: Many painters disappear once the check clears and the project is done. Not us! We make sure everything is as clean as when we first stepped into your home.


Thanks to our painting process, we’re able to turn complicated DIY projects into “simple” jobs or painting team can knock out in a few short days.

Exterior Painting

On the other side of the house, we have the exterior. You may think it’s pretty similar to painting the exterior, but from our experience, it’s a totally different animal. 


Our team has painted everything imaginable from brick, wood, aluminum, stucco, and concrete. We’ve painted the exterior of homes, businesses, decks, garage doors, and everything in-between.

Commercial Painting

The exterior of your business has the power to bring in scores of more business, or repel customers. Our highly skilled professionals take pride in helping your business grow by adding a touch of flair and professionalism to your property.

Cabinet Refinishing

Painting cabinets is one of the most difficult DIY painting jobs. While your normal interior painting job includes cleaning, priming, and painting. Cabinet painting includes a few extra steps including degreasing, removing hardware, cabinets, and drawers, sanding all the surfaces, applying a wood filler, and then finally staining. 


Handling this type of project on your own will take a significant amount of time and there’s no guarantee that you’ll do things correctly. This is why you should hire the cabinet painting experts at Hillis Brothers painting to handle the job for you.

Deck Refinishing

Harsh weather like rain, wind, and snow will eventually oxidize the wood surface of your deck giving it a gray appearance. Deck refinishing restores your deck coating back to new.

Why We Paint In Allendale

As we all know, Allendale is home to Grand Valley State University (GVSU). Founded in 1960, it's one of the fastest-growing colleges in the midwest with almost 25,000 students. When we founded Hillis Brothers Painting in 1992, Allendale had a little over 8,000 habitants. Today, it's population has grown to over 26,000 people!


We love watching communities in the Grand Rapids area flourish and Allendale is one of them. We'll continue to lend a helping hand to new homeowners and business owners who decide to become a part of this wonderful community. 

"We considered many painting companies before going with Hillis Brothers Painting.  We decided on Hillis Brothers because of their years of service in the area, and because their commitment to quality.  I have referred them to many of my friends and family since then, and am very happy I did."

Cynthia R.

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