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Commercial Painters
Grand Rapids, Michigan

When your common areas, exterior, or office needs a fresh new look, Hillis Brothers is the commercial painter to call. When it comes to hiring a commercial painter, you can trust Hillis Brothers painting to do the job right because of our vast experience working directly with navigating larger businesses, working around opening hours, employees, and customers, and managing multiple painters.

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Free Commercial Painters Estimate

Four Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Painting

1. Do You Have A List Of Past Customers?

Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of past customers to verify their work. Any painting contractor who’s worth hiring will have a list of homes or businesses that they’ve recently painted. We have a Rolodex of business owners whom you can call to learn more about their experience working with Hillis Brothers Painting.

2. What Will Be Cleaned Up After The Job Is Finished?

It’s unfortunate that some painters give painting professionals like us a bad name. Lack of prep work, cheap materials, unskilled subcontractors, and lack of cleanup are the usual culprits. Being business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping up appearances at all times within your business. 


That’s why we always go the extra mile to:

  • Cover areas that we don’t want to get paint on.

  • Inspect the entire job from top to bottom once it’s completed

  • Clean up the entire area and leave just as we found it (besides the fresh new paint job)

3. Will Someone Be Available To Answer Phone Calls?

When it comes to a commercial painting job, and anyone at that, communication is important. After you sign the contract, the last thing you want is for the person you spoke to disappearing on you.


Before you put pen to paper, ask who your contact will be, when are the best times to get in touch with them, and how quickly you can expect a response.


We understand that it’s perfectly normal for you to have concerns about the timeline of the project, sudden changes/conflicts in your business scheduling, or any general question.

4. Are You Properly Insured, Licensed, And Bonded?

Hiring a painter without proper business and contractor insurances can spell bad news in the long run. A properly licensed contractor almost always holds themselves to a higher standard than a non-licensed one, thus doing better work. This includes general liability insurance, workman’s compensation, and a state-appointed license number.

Commercial Areas We Paint

We can paint:

  • Schools

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Offices

  • Warehouses

  • Malls

  • Retail Stores

  • Restaurants

  • And much, much, more…


When it comes to painting a commercial property, we always want to take extra precautions. However, every commercial property will differ from the other. For example, when painting a restaurant vs. a healthcare facility, we’ll have to go a step further to ensure health concerns are taken into consideration.

Our Commercial Painting Process

At Hillis Brothers Painting we have found through experience that a systematic approach helps us to deliver the quality job that we have promised you. Below are the general steps we will take on your project. Your situation may vary depending upon your needs:

  • Set-up: The first step is to inspect the area and place drop cloths over non-painting areas. Any movable objects like desks, furniture, and electronic equipment will be removed from the room or moved to the center away from the walls.

  • Surface Preparation: The final quality of a job comes primarily from the prep work. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust, and loose dirt can affect the adhesion of the paint and overall quality of the exterior painting job. A thorough pressure washing removes most of the problem areas. Scraping, performing minor repairs, caulking around joints and trim ensures your exterior paint will look good and last for years.

  • Paint: We hire painting contractors, instead of subcontractors to ensure that your project gets the attention to detail you need.

  • Clean: After we finish, we’ll clean the area so no hazardous materials are left behind and your business can resume at full capacity without any unsightly glitches.

Why Trust Hillis Brothers Painting

  • With Hillis Brothers, you don't need to worry about your other surfaces. We take great care to remove, cover, and protect all areas during your project.

  • Hillis Brothers will complete all necessary sanding, restoration, and repairs before the painting project begins.

  • We will complete your project in an efficient and time-saving manner. We employ multiple painters allowing the job to get done faster without the quality of work suffering.

  • We always get the job done right the first time around!

Hillis Brothers Commercial Painters At Work

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