Grand Rapids Commercial Painting

Are you considering commercial painting...?

When your common areas need a fresh look, Hillis Brothers is the commercial painter to call. With Hillis Brothers, you don't need to worry about your other surfaces. We take great care to remove, cover, and protect all areas during your project. Additionally, Hillis Brothers will prepare the surface to be painted to insure the best final outcome. Hillis Brothers will complete all necessary sanding, restoration and repairs before the painting project begins.

The final quality of a job comes primarily from the prep work. Contaminants such as dirt, mold and mildew, car exhaust, and loose dirt can affect the adhesion of the paint and overall quality of the exterior painting job. A thorough pressure washing removes most of the problem areas. Scraping, performing minor repairs, caulking around joints and trim insures your exterior paint will look good and last for years.

Our Process


At Hillis Brothers Painting we have found through experience that a systematic approach helps us to deliver the quality job that we have promised you. Below are the general steps we will take on your project. Your situation may vary depending upon your needs.

  • Wash

  • Surface Preparation

  • Paint

  • Clean

  • Inspect

For more information about our interior services, call us at 616-554-5140 or visit our estimate page to schedule an appointment.

"We considered many painters before going with Hillis Brothers.  We decided on Hillis Brothers because of their experience and commitment to quality.  Our job was completed on time and with the quality we expected"

-Brian T. (Grand Rapids, MI)