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Norton Shores, Michigan


Are you looking for a residential or commercial painter in Norton Shores? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Hillis Brothers Painting has helped clients in Norton Shores and all parts of Muskegon County for a little over two decades.


Whether you’re looking for an interior painter for your cabinets, an exterior painter for your house on the lakefront or a commercial painter for your business, we can help you.

Painting, Done Right

If you’re one of the 24,501 people who call Norton Shores home, then maybe you decided it’s time to update your interior and/or exterior paint.


We can think of more than a few reasons to leave the job to us.


It doesn’t matter if you want to rejuvenate your old home, add value to your listed property, or start a new chapter in a new home on the right foot.


Whatever the project, the only thing we care about is ensuring all of your goals are met.

Interior Painting

Many people think interior painting is a simple DIY task like taking out the trash or putting on a spare tire.


From over two decades of experience, we can tell you this is quite the opposite.


On every project, a lot of preparation goes into successfully completing an interior painting job to everyone’s liking.


It would take an untrained painter weeks to finish a project to the quality we expect from our painters.

Because of the systems, training, and experience we’ve all accumulated, we’re able to finish this same project in days, if not hours.


Here are a few prep tasks we have to tick off before we even begin painting.


  • The right rollers and brushes must be selected for specific areas since painting is not a one size fits all task.

  • Everything must be moved away from the walls towards the center of the room and covered with special protective sheets.

  • The ground must also be covered with a drop cloth to prevent spills from leaving stains.

  • Remove any dirt, dust, and other particles off the painting surface before beginning.


As you can see, a lot goes into interior painting.


Once all the prep work is done, our painting experts can get to work immediately.

Exterior Painting

You’ve likely invested 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars into your home through purchasing it and adding your own personal touches to it throughout the years.


Whenever we drive through the Grand Rapids & Norton Shores area, we see tons of homes that are clearly owned by proud homeowners.


Unfortunately, we also see homes with poor exterior painting.


They have unsightly color combinations & peeling/blistering paint. Some homes have been eroded by wind, sun, and other outside elements.


This all causes a home to look unsightly.


What does all of this mean?


Your home may be making a poor first impression on your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone who drives by it on a daily basis.


In a world where first impressions mean everything, Hillis Brothers Painting can turn the exterior of your home into a charming and modern work of art.

Commercial Painting

If you want a commercial painter who will exceed your expectations every time, there’s really only one choice - Hillis Brothers Painting.


We are known throughout all of West Michigan as established B2B painters having painted countless businesses, schools, and government offices. We’ve painted restaurants, office buildings, malls, mechanic shops, and everything in-between.


Why would your commercial property need a new paint job?


Because of the amount of traffic which passes through Norton Shores in the summer months, it can be hard for your business to stand out.


Over the years, your business may suffer wear and tear that can look unprofessional.


It’s a proven fact that potential customers will judge the quality of your business based on their first impression of your building.


If you hire us, the first thing we’ll do is a full walkthrough of your property to find any problems and discuss your options.


We’ll then put together a plan to get the job done in an efficient and reliable manner causing minimal disruption to your daily operations.


We offer commercial painting for:

  • Office buildings

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Government Buildings

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Parking Garages

  • Any commercial or industrial facility in Norton Shores

Cabinet Refinishing

Are your cabinets looking a little out of style?


Instead of completely replacing them, hire the cabinet painting pros at Hillis Brothers to insert some life into your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.


Painting is many times more affordable than replacing your cabinetry.

Deck Staining

As a homeowner with a deck, you know your deck is never “completed”. It requires yearly maintenance in order to keep the investment you put into it maintained.


This is where deck staining comes in.


Our deck staining services will protect your deck from moisture, insects, and any other element the Norton Shores waterfront may throw its way.

Why We Paint In Norton Shores

Norton Shores is an amazing community.


Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, residents also have access to Mona Lake and Black Lake.


Some of our favorite places to eat there include The Hearthstone Bistro, Hank’s Tavern, & Toast N’ Jams.


This community is well known for its natural scenic beauty, but what it should be known for is its beautiful neighbors and cheerful residents.

"We considered many painting companies before going with Hillis Brothers Painting.  We decided on Hillis Brothers because of their years of service in the area, and because their commitment to quality.  I have referred them to many of my friends and family since then, and am very happy I did."

Cynthia R.

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