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Muskegon, Michigan


If you’re looking for the best painters in Muskegon, then you’ve come to the right place.


Hillis Brothers Painting has helped clients in Muskegon and all parts of Muskegon County for a little over two decades.


Whether you’re looking for a residential painter for your home or a commercial painter who can handle your business, we can do both.

Painting Contractors

If you’re one of the 38,000 people who call Muskegon home and countless more who work here, then maybe you decided it’s time to update the interior/exterior of your home or business.


If this is the case, the first step is to call us to request a no-obligation estimate.


Here are the painting services we offer:

Painting Beachfront Homes

Painting takes a real beating on beachfront homes. If you own property on Lake Michigan or any of the other lakes in Muskegon County, you’ll want to protect your investment by trusting skilled painters who use nothing but the highest quality paints.


Anything less and you risk damaging your home’s look and longevity.




As you know, your beach home will need to withstand the baking summer sun, cold Muskegon winters, and constant blasts of sand during the winter.


Here are a few ways we ensure our client’s homes are protected:

  • Use High-Quality Paint: Paint is a great way to protect the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, paint does not last forever. The quality of the paint you use will determine how soon it needs to be re-done and how well it protects your exterior from snow, sun, and sand.

  • Do Extra Prep: We perform extra prep on all of our painting projects, but we pay extra close attention to beach houses. We have to make sure we wash down all salt and mildew which may not be found further inland in Grand Rapids. All peeling paint must be sanded off until it is completely removed.


Once the prep work is done, we get to the fun part, which is choosing the design color/s you want for the exterior of your home. If you’re having trouble deciding, we have a design specialist who can give you a color consultation, or you can just choose from dozens of beachfront home examples in our library.


If you need some inspiration, these blogs may help:


Just because we live in the northern part of the county doesn’t mean you can’t add your own southern charm to your home!


Deck Staining

Deck staining is also critically important when you live on Lake Michigan. Although the lake is freshwater, it can still damage your deck.


One quick tip, if you’re considering building a deck is to use composite decking. For many reasons, composite decking can withstand the many elements beachfront living throws at your property.

Exterior Painting

At Hillis Brothers, we employ a four-step prep exterior painting process to ensure you not only get the highest quality paint, but also the highest quality finish as well.

Our prep process includes properly prepping the painting surface by removing any dirt, grime, and uneven surfaces and covering all non-painting surfaces or trim that will receive a different color.

Step 2 find the highest quality paint of your choice. Every year, we go through more paint than any other company in the state allowing us to have a solid relationship with our suppliers. This means better prices for higher quality paint.

Step 3 is applying at least one coat of primer on the exterior.

Step 4 is to prep the landscape. What's the point of a beautiful exterior paint job

Why We Paint In Muskegon

When we think of Muskegon, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful lakefront. When you see the beautiful view of Lake Michigan, it’s no question why over 38,000 people choose to make this paradise their home. The shores are full of abundant green space and soft sand. 


But that’s not all there is in this area, because of the vibrant tourism in Muskegon, there are always fun events like the Christmas Parade when it’s too cold to hit the beach, the Lakeshore Museum Center when you want to see some art or history, or the USS LST 393 museum when you want to learn about American History and sacrifice.


In the winter, along with the Christmas Parade, there are plenty of activities to be found at the Winter Snow Complex.


There are also three other lakes called Bear Lake, Mona Lake, & Muskegon Lake located in Muskegon. 


From beaches, hockey, and family-friendly events, this town really has it all for such a “small” town.


With a local airport, United Airlines now fly directly into Muskegon from Chicago.


Like many of the towns in Michigan whose names are derived from Indian settlers, Muskegon gets its name from the Ottawa tribe term, “Masquigon”, which means “marshy river or swamp”.


All of this together makes this a great place to live and work.


Are you ready to schedule an estimate? You can do so by clicking the button below or calling us at 616-554-5140.

"We considered many painting companies before going with Hillis Brothers Painting.  We decided on Hillis Brothers because of their years of service in the area, and because their commitment to quality.  I have referred them to many of my friends and family since then, and am very happy I did."

Cynthia R.

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