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Holland, Michigan


Are you looking for a residential or commercial painter in Holland? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Hillis Brothers painting has helped clients in Holland and all parts of Ottawa County for a little over two decades.

Whether you’re looking for an interior painter for your cabinets, an exterior painter for your home & deck on Lake Macatawa, or a commercial painter who can handle your business, we can do it all.

Painting Contractors, You Can Trust

If you’re one of the 33,000 people who call Holland home for the full year or during the summer months, then maybe you decided it’s time to update your interior and/or exterior paint.

In an industry filled with people who call themselves painting contractors, finding a reputable painter can be a difficult task.

There are multiple factors that one has to sort through making coming to the right decision that much more difficult. Hopefully, if you’ve landed on our website, we can make that decision-making process a lot easier for you.

Over the last two decades, we’ve worked daily to establish ourselves as a company with integrity, skill, and craftsmanship. From the moment you reach out to us, our superior customer service stands out from other local painters.

We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories throughout the years, from sloppy work, unlicensed painters disappearing, and padded invoices. At Hillis Brothers Painting, we’re changing that stereotype by employing only licensed painters.

Here are the painting services we offer in Holland:

Interior Painting


When it comes to the interior of your home, there is zero room for compromise or untrained painters. You will spend the majority of your time within the comforts of your own home, and the last thing you want is a poor paint job that stands out (in the wrong way). 


This is especially true if you plan to have guests over. First impressions are priceless and at Hillis Brothers Painting, we’ll leave every guest who walks into your home awed by the quality of your interior painting choice.




Exterior Painting


First impressions make a big difference when it comes to your home. A clean and modern exterior immediately makes guests feel at home and wows passersby.


Unfortunately, this can be hard to obtain in the state of Michigan because of the harsh winters. Especially with the lake effect snow we get hammered with in Holland, the exterior of your home can take a beating.


We commonly see home exteriors with chipping, cracking, and peeling paint. This lowers the curb appeal & aesthetic of your home. If you want to maximize the value of your property, one of the most cost-efficient ways to do that is through exterior painting.


Painting the exterior of your home may seem like a challenging task as a homeowner. You have so many colors, combinations, and trims to choose from. Luckily, we can walk you through all of your options and make the process as easy as possible for you. 

Commercial Painting


When it comes to your business, don’t choose just any commercial painter in Holland.


Here’s why you should choose Hillis Brothers Painting:

  • We will come to you to plan out your exterior painting project so you won’t have to take extra time off from running your business

  • We work efficiently meaning you won’t have to disrupt your customers or clients.

  • We are flexible and can accommodate any schedule.

  • We have the skilled painters and equipment needed to complete any painting project. We’ve painted everything from small restaurants to large malls like Woodlands Mall.

  • Our team pays attention to detail and is clean so you won’t have to clean up a mess after we leave.


If you’re ready to recapture the beauty of your business, give Hillis Brothers Painting a call.

Cabinet Refinishing


We talked about how exterior painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your homes curb appeal and value. Another great option is cabinet painting.


Refinishing and staining your cabinets can save you thousands of dollars compared to buying new cabinets for your home.

Deck Staining


Many of our clients are surprised to know we offer deck staining services. Over the decades, we’ve stained hundreds of decks. With every new job, we bring with ourselves more and more experience

Why We Paint In Holland


When we think of Holland, the first thing that comes to mind is its rich Dutch heritage. You can see it in many of the buildings, traditions, and the last names of habitats. Holland has an award-winning downtown experience, beautiful white sandy beaches, and fun windmills. 


For these reasons, it’s no question why over 33,000 people choose to make this paradise their home and thousands more adventure here during the tourism season. 


Holland is nicknamed the tulip city because it boasts over 6 million tulips planted in its fields. The best time to see the tulips are during the months of April and May.


Every year in mid-May, Holland hosts the Tulip Time festival. This has been a tradition since 1929 and is currently the largest tulip festival and Americas third-largest town festival.


All of this together makes this a great place to live, work, and vacation.

Recent Painting Jobs In Holland

We performed an exterior makeover on this brick home.

For the brick, we used Sherin Williams 7019 Gauntlet Gray. For the Overhead door, gutters, metal post on the front of the house, we used Sherwin Williams 7005 Pure White paint. For the doors, we used Sherwin Williams 6305 Rambling Rose.

Exterior Painting In Holland.jpg

"We considered many painting companies before going with Hillis Brothers Painting.  We decided on Hillis Brothers because of their years of service in the area, and because their commitment to quality.  I have referred them to many of my friends and family since then, and am very happy I did."

Cynthia R.

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