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Calming Colors To Help You Relax

Trying to find a color that not only looks great but also keeps you calm can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 colors to help you relax. The best part is they look good in just about every room.

We’re going to deep dive into every color and exactly what room fits the color best.

Also, we’ll go through the science of why color can actually minimize stress and keep you calm. It sounds pretty crazy but colors really do make a big difference in your everyday life.

First, we’ll figure out the history behind why colors are calming.

The Science Of Color

When it comes to the science of color and the effects, there’s actually a pretty big difference. In fact, there’s been in-depth research on the psychology of color.

For example, no one likes their test to be covered in red ink. Studies found that seeing the color red before a test actually dropped their performance.

The truth is, our mind subconsciously connects our minds to certain colors. For example, red is typically portrayed as bad/evil/negative/wrong while green is usually good/positive/correct.

So throughout our day seeing the colors that make us positive and happy, it will put your mind in a happier state which results in less stress and more positive emotions.

Here are the best colors to keep yourself relaxed and why:

1. Blue

Blue is the number one color when it comes to keeping calm. With a wide variety of shades, blue can look good anywhere. For example, a light blue will look great in the bathroom, while navy blue is a stunning kitchen color.

This color is best when going with a cool, soft shade to maximize the calmness. Blue will look great with any cool colors such as gray, purple, or black.

2. Green

The main benefit that green gives is; rest and quiet. This color replicates nature which our mind picks up as relaxing.

Green is perfect for bedrooms as its a restful color. The best colors to pair green with is another shade of green, white, blue, and many other colors.

3. White

One of the more underestimate colors is white. White symbolizes clarity and freshness. This can be great in any room as it can help you focus.

It's important to keep the white clean and bright colors. Because if it’s too stark it can bring emotions similar to dull and boring. But with white being a neutral color, it will look good with practically any color.

4. Gray

It's common to believe gray as a dull and boring color. But it’s important to know that gray actually provides a soothing and cool presence.

Gray looks amazing with practically any color but blue or white, in particular, looks amazing. Gray will look good in practically any room as its a neutral color.

5. Pink

This color symbolizes both tranquility and peace. And although this color is particularly in a baby girls’ nursery room, with the right shade a pink can look good anywhere.

Pink is perfect to keep yourself and emotions on an even level. This is very beneficial to anyone that can often have times of stress. Depending on the look you want, pink can look good with neutral colors or even purple.

6. Violet

Violet symbolizes 3 main things – Wisdom, peace, and strength. If you’re looking to create a peaceful room, the go-to color is violet.

Believe it or not, violet is believed to be good for bone growth. And for those that enjoy meditation, it’s best to do meditate surrounded by violet.

7. Yellow

Yellow is one of the most positive colors as its commonly used in smiley faces. This can be a great color option for anyone looking to brighten up and fill your room with positivity.

Yellow looks good with any neutral color or even choosing different shades of yellow can make a stunning wall.

8. Tan

Tan is one of those colors that keeps it cool and earthy, which fits perfectly in the neutral color palette. The good thing about a tan is that it brings a warmer feel to it.

Because tan is a neutral color, there are multiple colors that look good with a tan. Some of the best are white, yellow, blue. The best part about a tan is that it can look great in just about any room.

9. Mauve

Mauve is the perfect mix of gray and violet. It’s a very soothing and calming color. This color is perfect for dining rooms in particular because of the perfect mix of colors.

Some good colors to mix with mauve are yellow, purple, or lime green. Mauve is a color that commonly invokes feelings of romance, nostalgia, and sentimentality.

10. Mixture

One of the best ways to keep a calm presence is to mix some colors in a room. For example, blending gray with violet will make a soothing lilac gray.

Having the option to mix color is a great and easy way to not only relax but also transform your room instantly.

Final Thoughts

The truth is, picking a color that looks good but more importantly keeps you feeling relaxed can be a difficult task.

But with the 10 colors provided you'll be one step ahead of getting the peacefulness, you may be looking for.

So, whether it's a positive yellow or cool relaxing green, these colors will help tremendously.

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