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Log Home Staining: The 5-Step Process Experts Follow

Here at Hillis Brothers, we follow a 5-step process when it comes to staining a log cabin. There are many benefits to staining such as protection, fills any cracks, and looks amazing!

Although it can take a bit of work to stain, it'll be worth it in the end. It will increase the value of your cabin and might even bring a little jealousy to anyone that drives by! With a dar stain selection, it'll perfectly complement the forest surroundings!

Why Stain Your Log Cabin?

You might be wondering why should you stain your log cabin?

Is it worth the time and money?

Yes, it's absolutely worth the time and money. Not only does it look amazing it will also make it last a whole longer because everything will be fresh and sealed. It also preserves the natural wood from powerful UV rays from the sun.

It will take some time to complete the project but when it's complete, you won’t regret it for a second! Just follow these 5 simple steps!

Step 1: Wash All Surfaces

To start, you'll want to be sure the area is cleaned and clear of any debris like sticks or leaves. A lot of times there will be dirt, mildew, and even mold so be sure to take care of that or it could ruin prevent the stain from properly applying.

A power washer is great to knock off just about everything, just dint hold in at one place for too long or this could damage the wood.

Steps 2: Check For Any Gaps

With log cabins come gaps, you'll want to make sure to check every log. If there are some gaps make sure to fil them with a cedar toned caulk. This way everything will be sealed from precipitation, bugs, etc.

Be sure the caulk is dried before applying stain or it won't adhere properly. When applying the stain it will naturally stick to the caulk and blend in with the rest of the cabin.

Step 3: Tape Everything Off

Before you being the staining process you’ll want to cover up anything you don't want to be stained. These can be windows, doors, lights, etc.

Stain can drip without being noticed sometimes, so covering important parts of the house will prevent any accidents. Another benefit of taping parts off is that you can get one crispy line!

Step 4: Work Some Log Oil Into The Surface

Here comes the part that truly transforms your cabin. When picking a stain you'll want to go with a Log Oil. Using this is perfect for cabins because it not only will look great but it also prevents any bugs, mold, or sun rays from damaging your cabin.

To apply the stain it'll be best to use a sprayer or roller, this will allow for speed and quality.

Step 5: Let It Dry

Log Oil can take 2 weeks to completely cure, it all depends on humidity, weather, and temperature. So in the meantime, sit back and appreciate your work.

Be sure to pick up any old rags or brushes and dispose of them, these can be a fire hazard, especially next to a log cabin.

Final Thoughts

Staining a log cabin is a serious project. It will take time, money, and effort but in the end, it'll be worth it. It might even bring out some jealousy from the neighbors!

A few simple tips would be to make sure all the gaps are covered, everything is taped off, and that you clean up any used rags or brushed to prevent a fire hazard.

Now its time to sit back and enjoy your newly restored log cabin!

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