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[Video] Refinishing A Deck: Proper Preparation And Maintenance

Have you ever wondered why some decks fail while others withstand the test of time?

Jonathan, an owner at Hillis Brothers Painting, is going to discuss in detail why decks fail and our process of properly maintaining a deck.

I get it...

Sometimes your deck can be infuriating, especially because of the humid summers and harsh winters we experience here in Michigan.

These harsh conditions wreak havoc on deck finishes and can cost you time and money.

Reasons Why Decks Fail

Harsh Weather: Here in Michigan, we have to deal with snow, rain, and ice.

Foot Traffic: Foot traffic from humans and pets can take a toll on a deck.

Chlorine: If you have a hot tub or pool, the corrosive effect of chlorine can damage your wood.

Here's our process to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

Surface Preparation

When we come out to a deck, we look and evaluate if there are things like mold and black spots. All these things have to be removed before we put any finish on it.

To do this, we use exterior detergents and bleaches (that won't harm your plants).

Next, we power wash the deck from a safe distance from the wood so we don't ruin it. If you power wash from too close, the water pressure can ruin the wood by causing it to cotton pulp.

Ok, so we've taken off the green and black spots, the next thing we'll want to look at the current finish. If it's too loose, we'll sand it.

Lastly, we'll look at the boards and see if they need to be replaced or nailed in.

As you see, we don't just show up and start refinishing a deck. Only AFTER surface preparation can we start discussing the finish.

Finishing A Deck

The first step to finishing a deck is to figure out what type of finish you want to use. You'll have tons of options like semi-transparent, semi-solid, solid, or clear to name a few.

Something to keep in mind is that each deck is different depending on how old it is.

Once you've picked your finish, we're going to take another prep-step and tape up your house so that when we put on the finish nothing gets on your house.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a lot goes into finishing a deck. If you have a deck project, give Hillis Brothers a call. I'm going to let you in on a secret... You definitely get what you pay for, so when it comes to your home, why not invest in the best?

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